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About Me

Ariana Crantea

Hey, I'm Ariana and I've been designing websites happily for more than 5 years.
With my work I enjoy making the internet a prettier place.

I simply love beauty. I love the beauty of the sea and the mountains, of the city and the sky, of the night and the stars. If the people could only stop for a moment and really see the wonderful world we live in, with every part of it being so inspiring. In my designs I try to bring all these beauties and I want to give them not only color and light, I want to give them a soul.

If you think I could help you with your web presence please contact me and we can talk about how to make your website stand out and get results.

Why Me?

Ariana is a unique find.
She is a designer, a site developer and really a strategic partner.I say all three because she considers every angle when delivering on a project.
What I like most about her service is that she thinks of things even before I do. She has a keen sense of what works and doesn’t wait around for you to have to tell her.
She’s a highly talented breath of fresh air and I highly recommend her services.
Feel free to contact me for personal reference.

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